Loretta Iris is a Canadian born artist, in a place where going out to play meant exploring in her backyard, which overlooked the Assiniboine River. Nature provided the toys of her childhood, and she grew a lifelong connection to the origins of the land. 

Today Loretta works mainly in sculpture, drawing, and painting. Her post-secondary training at the University of Saskatchewan fine-tuned her skills and broadened her experiences. Loretta’s work often addresses interpersonal relationships and social or cultural issues, with a core elemental component of creating resolution. Whether in discord or happiness, Loretta attempts to create work that expresses the silent space in between things and people that is not necessarily visible. The experience of creating art for Loretta is a process of recreating the joy and curiosity of communion with nature that she had in her big backyard – a safe and sustaining place for inspiration and expression.




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