Loretta Iris

  • Recent Artwork

    Winter overcast skies and expansive snowscapes gift us reflected diffused light through workspace windows to work with when painting watercolor.
    Contact Loretta for personal or community art projects; visit Loretta’s “ARTWORKS” tab to see her artmaking process.

  • Recent Communication Activity

    As Covid19 continues to affect all of our lives, needs for compassion and care are so alive right now.  Have you been interested in meaningful communication or longing for some community?  Loretta is offering an opportunity for learning, practice and support for new satisfying ways to connect during our winter session!

    Click the Communication tab for details and to find out how Loretta can support your learning and practice of more compassion in your communication.

  • Recent Yoga

    Are you needing some relief and movement during the ongoing Covid19 restrictions? Stress got you down and out? Loretta is offering a weekly one hour practice of supported movement and meditation through this winter session! 

    Visit the Yoga tab for more information!

Loretta Iris

Welcome into a circle of community, care and needs supported towards a world that works for all

  • Loretta Iris
  • 57 Sturby Place
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  • lip125@mail.usask.ca

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I have integrated over 50 years of education, training and experience that deeply connects her to her  vocation of supporting nonviolence for all beings.
As a young child playing on the banks of the Assiniboine River, I watched birds landing  and bugs interacting while clouds, wind and sun were shaping shadows. The scent of willow branches in spring, taste of wild berries in summer and crisp crystal snowflakes in winter rooted a keen sense of awareness about the inter-connectedness of all things. Gifts of play, connection, and a sense of determined purpose reflected the space and beauty of my immersion in nature.

These formative experiences proved dissonant with the systems of domination already in progress as social constructs of relating. Whether witnessing family, friends, institution or organization- the results of tears and wounds in human connection  were evident, yet enormous in scope as domination systems can exact. Tragic and  horrendous patterns  of  oppression in its many forms: ableism, ageism, racism, sexism and classism among others remain a clear guidepost for the work needing to be done.
My life is spent honoring and co-creating the flow of universal gifts into harmony with the web of life, folding into community connection collectively toward where resources are needed to move at each moment, as my capacity allows.

Ancestral and intergenerational maternal gift along with experiences of violence advise my reflection, connection, healing and action toward aims for nonviolence in my life, the lives of my children, community and global web. I look to continually confront, heal, learn from these socially constructed systems of domination and contribute toward collective wellbeing for all.

May we all have, with ease, the resources needed to heal and connect with each other, to all beings and to the  awe and  mystery of life.
Warm Care, Loretta

Loretta acknowledges that she is on Treaty 6 Territory – the Homeland of the Métis, Cree, Dakota, Lakota and many indigenous nations who held original occupation . She respects and mourns the losses that result from domination culture . She acknowledges the efforts of First Nations and Métis ancestors of this place and the work to maintain relationship with all.

* Assiniboine (known to its own speakers as Nakota or Nakoda) is a Siouan language of the Northern Plains (http://www.native-languages.org/assiniboine.htm)

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