Recent Artwork
One aspect of creativity can be expressed through design. Loretta's fall continues to be filled with design projects that inspire with form and function.

Contact Loretta for personal or community art projects; visit Loretta's "ARTWORKS" tab to see her artmaking process. Test
Recent Communication Activity
Loretta recently celebrated the Mothers' Centre gaining charitable status, providing an empathy couch at their event.

Click the Communication tab to find out how Loretta can support your learning and practice of more compassion in your communication.
Recent Yoga
Stillness through breath focus (Prāṇāyāma) in Virasana can ease your mind and support focus.

Contact Loretta for information about this or any other yoga poses you might like to try.


Inland Steel

University of Saskatchewan Bookstore

Art Placement

Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan

Face Off Television Show on Syfy

The Puppeteers' Cooperative

Sagebrush Studios

Peaceful Families Saskatoon
Center for Nonviolent Communication
NVC Empathy Practice Group on Facebook
Sarah Peyton and Empathy Brain\
Your Resonant Self: The Book

Miki Kashtan and The Fearless Heart
Host of:
• Fearless Heart Teleseminars
• Facing Privilege Calls
• Principal Based Teaching Coaching calls
• Overcoming Patriarchy calls
• Questioning Money

The Fearless Heart is a project of Bay Area
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