Loretta  was  born in  1968  four  days  after  Martin   Luther   King   was
assassinated,  and  two  days  after  Pierre  Elliot Trudeau was elected as
Canadian Prime Minister.  The Globe and Mail noted the 1968  Canadian
election  as   "the  most  chaotic,  confusing,  and  emotionally  draining
convention in Canadian political history.
In  1968  the  world  seemed  in  conflict-the  second  wave of feminism
protested for women’s rights in areas of equality,  sexuality,  family, the
workplace,  reproduction  and  law.  Rape  crisis  and  battered women's
shelters were becoming parts of communities.
“Why  do  people  fight?  Why  do  people  hate,  when  there  is so much
beauty?  Why are families sad, in pain, and what could I do?” These were
questions  Loretta  recalls  contemplating  as a child while pushing sand
around the sandbox at age four. These  questions  prepared her to have
a resolve to find peaceful answers and make changes in the world.
Loretta wants to live in a world where people can personally and interpersonally relate from a place of ease, joy and peace. A world that integrates compassionate giving and receiving-where violence is a distant strategy of our past. Her lifelong commitment to peace and interpersonal connection included training through the former Saskatoon Family Support Center where her mentors Dave Rugg and Terry Lowe inspired her.
As communications facilitator Loretta, has been involved in deeply personal and profound experience of Nonviolent Communication or Compassionate Communication-the work of Marshall Rosenberg. She is grateful for over 15 years of learning through the Center for Nonviolent Communication and their training programs.
Internationally, Loretta has cultivated meaningful experience through involvement in:


John Lake Parent Center
Nonviolent Communication: A Language for Life Book Study
Bi-Weekly Parenting Group
(2nd and 4th Wednesdays 1pm to 3pm)
Facilitator: Loretta Iris

Saskatoon Mother's Center
Nonviolent Communication: A Language for Life Book Study
Open for Mothers Study Group
(1st and 3rd Wednesdays 1pm to 3pm)
Facilitator: Loretta Iris

Empathy Practice
Once a month practice group as requested
 Open Group~(contact Loretta) requested familiarity with
 Nonviolent Communication: A Language for Life
Rotating Cohost with Loretta Iris

Transforming Difficult Conversations Group
 Sat afternoon practice  of conversations that support connection & shared reality
- see
Peaceful Families Saskatoon for updates

Locally ,  Loretta  enjoys  spreading  and  nurturing  seeds  and  soil  of
compassionate presence. Her continued engagement with NVC  trainers
and   certification   candidates  encourages  growth  and  expansion   in
Saskatoon. Collaborating and networking with local NVC colleagues and
members   ignites   a  commitment   to  support   local   compassionate
community growth.  Loretta offers facilitation of NVC learning based on
her  experience  through book reads, deep sharing practice groups and
Loretta enjoys learning more about Interpersonal Neurobiology, Privilege and the Care Economy. She is excited about the CNVC -New Futures Process which is in progress of implementation. For more info : http://www.cnvc.org/future/phase3/integrated-plan

When Loretta is not practicing yoga, peaceful communication or making art-she will likely be hanging with her family. In fact it is more likely you will see them practicing yoga, making art and enjoying compassionate communication in some form together!

Loretta has enjoyed immersion learning through  Center for Nonviolent Communication
 April 2014  International Intensive Training (click
here for IIT information) .
©2014 Loretta Iris